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7 Sales Enablement Tools to Give Your Sales Team Super Powers

Nice to meet you! My name is Lusha and I’m the resident expert in sales and marketing technology. Today I’ll cover sales enablement tools, which can have a major impact on sales perfo...


Top 9 LinkedIn tools to transform sales lead gen and help you close more deals

Today, I’ll be looking at how to get the most from one of the most powerful platforms out there for sales reps: LinkedIn. Read on for our top 9 plugins and Chrome extensions that can ...


How to build a winning lead generation process

In this post, I’ll show you what a B2B lead generation process entails and how you can easily build a winning lead generation process.


5 Reasons Inside Sales Will Replace Outside Sales by 2020

In today’s world, customers are busier than ever and their time is limited – which is why an inside sales approach is often more convenient and can produce better results...