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Cameron Sigurdson

Account Executive - Enterprize Devision

“No reason to use anything else. Its that good!”

Chris Hayes

Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer

“I used this as a free version and now we buy at least 1200 credits a month etc. This tool does way more than expected. “

Ilan Stern


“Works like magic! A must for people who need to get in touch with people they don’t know… (sales, headhunting…). Brilliant solution.”

Common Questions

When Lusha finds new contact details for a profile, a partial result of the details will appear with a “Show” button. Clicking on the “Show” button to reveal the full contact details is counted as using a credit.

If Lusha was unable to verify the details for a contact, there will not be a “Show” button and therefore no credit is used.

You are charged with a credit only when you click on “Show” to reveal the full contact details.
If you have revealed the details for the contact previously, the details will appear with no “Show” button.

Yes. We encourage recurring usage, but the renewal of the monthly subscriptions can be cancelled when your work is done.

On your Lusha account page, on the top right you will find an indicator of how many credits you have used out of how many are available on your current monthly cycle.

On your Lusha account page there is a dropdown menu next to your name, selecting History will open your history tab with a full overview of your usage.

Yes. Any account that is active and not on a paid plan will be provided with 5 free monthly credits.

Yes. In order to provide uninterrupted service, all our plans have a recurring charge. If you would like to stop the recurring charges, let us know and we will cancel the renewal at the end of your current monthly cycle.

On the credit renewal date we will provide a new set of credits according to the plan you are on, all unused credits will expire.

We offer several Enterprise plans. Just shoot us an email at, and an account executive will get back to you shortly.

If you are on a multi-user plan, such as the Pro or Premium plans, you can invite additional users to become members on your plan and they will have access to the credits on your plan. The Essential plan is for a single-user only.

Yes. The cancellation will be for the renewal of the plan, and the credits purchased will be available until the renewal date.

In order to cancel your plan, please contact

Please visit our Knowledge Base here.

Enjoy Lusha!