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$0/ mo
5 credits
1 user Personal & work emails Mobile phone numbers


$29/ mo
$39 when billed monthly
50 credits
1 user Personal & work emails Mobile phone numbers



$75/ mo
$99 when billed monthly
200 credits
Up to 3 users Personal & work emails Mobile phone numbers


$149/ mo
$199 when billed monthly
500 credits
Up to 10 users Personal & work emails Mobile phone numbers


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1000+ credits
Over 25 users Personal & work emails Mobile phone numbers
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Common Questions

Is a request that returns no results counted as a credit?
No. We only count requests that return phone number or emails.
Is uncovering the same contact several times counted each time?
No. Exposing phone numbers or emails for several times for a profile is counted only once.
I want to use Lusha once. Is it possible?
Yes. We encourage recurring usage, but you're free to take a one month subscription and cancel it when your work is done.
Can I see how many credits are left and my usage history?
Yes, on the top right side of the plugin there is a counter of the credits, also you can log in to the site and view your history tab to have a full overview of your usage
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel our monthly and annual plans at any time. However, no refunds will be issued for any unused services
Is there a free version?
Yes. Sign up and get 5 contact queries per month for free.
How do recurring charges work? Will my account be charged every month automatically?
Yes, every month, you will be automatically charged, so there is no interruption in your service. If you no longer want the service, let us know, and we will cancel the monthly payments.
Can I lend some of my credits to other people, so they can use the account, too?
We do offer the service for more than one person on the same team. With the Pro & Premium plan you can share the same account. Our Essentials plan is designed for single-user only.
Can I rollover unused credits?
No. We will provide you with new credits every 30 days; unused credits will expire at the end of each month.
What if I need a larger plan?
Sure no problem, we have Enterprise Plans available for any need, large or small. Just shoot us an email at support@Lusha.co, and someone will get back to you quickly.
I have other questions.
Contact us, and we'll be happy to help! Email us at support@Lusha.co.