Bumi Armada

Bumi Armada Berhad is a Malaysia-based international offshore oilfield services provider that is a global FPSO player and among the top owners and operators of OSVs in Asia. The company provides services through the oil and gas value chain - from exploration through to field development and construction, production and operations and eventually, decommissioning.

Bumi Armada's Employee Email Address Formats

Bumi Armada uses 7 email formats, with first '.' last (ex. john.smith@bumiarmada.com)
being used 39% of the time.
first lastjohnsmith@bumiarmada.com1%
first_initial '.' lastj.smith@bumiarmada.com5%
first '.' last_initialjohn.s@bumiarmada.com19%
first '.' lastjohn.smith@bumiarmada.com39%