Bahwan CyberTek

Cuecent, a division of Bahwan CyberTek, Cuecent BPM, ePay Payment solutions, Oracle Services & Solutions, Engineering Services, SAP, BFSI, Energy & Utilities, Government, SCM Logistics, Life Science

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Bahwan CyberTek's Employee Email Address Formats

Bahwan CyberTek uses 9 email formats, with first '.' last (ex.
being used 21% of the time.
first_initial lastjsmith@bahwancybertek.com1%
last first_initialsmithj@bahwancybertek.com1%
first lastjohnsmith@bahwancybertek.com10%
first last_initialjohns@bahwancybertek.com11%
first '.' last_initialjohn.s@bahwancybertek.com3%
first '.' lastjohn.smith@bahwancybertek.com21%