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Garin Kilpatrick

Watson Marketing Futurist

“Really impressed with how easy it is to uncover emails and phone numbers with Lusha!”

Janine Du Tuit

Senior Marketing Manager

“Love it, takes away hours of searches and makes my day! Thanks for the awesome tool Lusha!”

Dennis Van Weeren

Director of operations

“I like tools that are consistently accurate and user-friendly. Lusha has gone beyond my expectations.”

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Christian Henning

Research Manager, Global Executive Talent Acquisition

“Must-have tool for contact info”

“Love the ease of use and the fact that it finds more cell phone numbers and personal email addresses than other similar Chrome extensions. Also like the one-click on the number to easily copy/paste it into or for verification.”

Jérémy Goillot

Growth Hacker

“We love the product.
Our teams find it so easy to use and so relevant to their daily tasks”

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Elizabeth Morgoles

Hiring sales professional

“Lusha has helped us save a lot of time, and the information provided is accurate.”

Eric Lindroos


“I couldn’t honestly imagine working without Lusha. Game changer.”

Robert Dromgoole

Executive search and sourcing specialist

“Lusha finds phone numbers and e-mails that others do not.”

“Lusha is the best in my experience. It gets phone numbers, others just don’t. I have no idea how it works, but it’s much quicker than rusing and it is effective. “

Genia Mikhalchenco

Biz Dev

“Big fan of Lusha – definitely my most widely used chrome plugin this month!”

Cameron Sigurdson

Account Executive - Enterprize Devision

“No reason to use anything else. Its that good!”

Rich Rosen


“The best app for finding phone numbers and info on individuals, quick and easy to use”

Zach Brown

Director of Marketing & Sourcing

“As a sourcing and recruiting professional, I am picky about the tools that I add to my arsenal. I like tools that are consistently accurate and user friendly. Lusha has met that criteria and gone beyond my expectations. Check it out.”

Victor Manrique

Product Manager

“Just tried it and you got almost a 100% success rate, which is pretty impressive since I have used other tools before and most of the time they failed. Great job! :)”

Jonathan Anguelov

Co-founder & COO

“Lusha has been so easy to incorporate.
Our sales representatives attest that it’s the right tool for them to do their jobs. The days of chasing leads are behind us with the API in place.”

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Barbara Giamanco

Founder and CEO

“Love Lusha. Salespeople need phone numbers to reach potential buyers. With Lusha, I find them quickly and easily”.

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