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Senior Data Engineer / Senior Data Scientist

R&D in Tel Aviv


The Senior Data Engineer is responsible for building the business search engine mechanism and algorithm.

The Senior Data Engineer builds data processing workflows that handle the business’s growing databases. He works with the Data Team in leveraging data with reporting and scientific tools. The Senior Data Engineer strives to continuously develop new and improved data engineering capabilities.

The Senior Data Engineer is responsible for building solutions which are flexible, performance and scalable. He handles complex problems independently and demonstrates analytical thinking.


  • Providing senior-level contribution to a team that is responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the business’s data platforms.
  • Implementing strategies directed at acquiring data and promoting the development of new insights across the business.
  • Owning and extending the business’s data pipeline through the collection, storage, processing, and transformation of large data-sets.
  • Monitoring the existing metrics and analyzing data in an effort to identify and implement system and process improvements.
  • Playing a major role as a hands on developer using Python developing language. 
  • Applying best practices as well as defining the business’s data requirements, which will ensure that the collected data is of a high quality and optimal for use across the business at large.
  • Overseeing, designing, and developing algorithms for real-time data processing within the business and to create the frameworks that enable quick and efficient data acquisition.
  • Building data loading services for the purpose of importing data from numerous disparate data sources.


  • A bachelor’s degree (masters’ preferred) in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or any other technology related field.
  • At least 5 years of working experience working in a data engineering department, preferably as a Data Engineer in a fast-paced environment and complex business setting.
  • Strong software engineering skills in Python.
  • Familiarity and experience with big data technologies
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and concisely
  • Independence and passion for innovation and learning new technologies

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