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Announcing Lusha for Salesforce

Lusha for salesforce illustration

Today we are launching a huge product to help you scale your sales team’s productivity with Lusha

Sales teams are constantly working under pressure to hit targets.

It used to be easier…

These days:

  • The sales cycle has become more complex by having to go through around 8 decision-makers.
  • The amount of inbound leads have increased thanks to smart digital marketing campaigns but include loads of poor quality data.
  • Forms became shorter, increasing conversion rates but reducing the quality of data.

Salesforce is the seller’s go-to, but it requires an endless amount of admin work to start working for you.

How many times have you heard your Head of SDRs say… My team spends at least an hour each day searching for contacts, copy and paste their information… I want them to be calling people, not searching or doing admin work

How many times have you heard your Sales Ops say…I spend hours each day cleaning our SalesForce records. It’s a never-ending manual task that takes away from executing the big projects I should be focusing on

Say hello to Lusha for Salesforce. Develop the BIG pipelines: you need to be spending more time having conversations and LESS time searching for contact details.

Auto-enrich your SalesForce instantly.

Lusha updates your SalesForce records automagically, saving you hours of manual work

Always be sales-ready with SalesForce data integrity

Nothing disrupts your sales efforts like inaccurate contact and account info.
Break that vicious cycle and be free to conduct timely and valuable conversations

Power your growth by focusing on the contacts that matter

Get full company and contact information by identifying and better qualifying inbound leads directly within SalesForce

Put your contact data to work with lead routing

Leverage your enriched knowledge and rout leads between reps based on expertise

Lusha provides dozens of data points:

  • Direct dials
  • Emails
  • Company categories
  • Total funding
  • Number of employees
  • and so much more!

With Lusha for Salesforce, you’ll be able to simply define the rules and criteria for leads, contacts, and accounts to be enriched,
and then that’s it! You’re all set!

To get started, head to Salesforce Appexchange and look for Lusha!

About Dan Reynolds

Dan is an Account Executive at Lusha.co