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3 things you should do now for your business to come out of COVID-19 stronger than ever. Even from home.

We are all in high levels of uncertainty these days. Not sure how long the situation is going to last. 

Naturally, most of us are feeling the slowdown. All flights got canceled, conferences were postponed, and everyone is working from home. But, the good news is this means your prospects were never more accessible by phone as they are today.

But, is this the right time to pick up the phone? I argue it is. Here are the three things I’m doing right now to come out of this crisis stronger than ever:

  1. Update your messaging to demonstrate relevancy and empathy. Acknowledge the situation upfront, think what is the value, if any, your product is offering right now? And re-frame the way you talk about it.
  2. Invest the time in meaningful authentic conversations with prospects. Nurturing and creating relationships now will pay off later. By the time this crisis is over, you’ll have a full healthy pipeline that is ready to burst.
  3. Be yourself. We are all a bit overwhelmed by the uncertainty. We are all a little worried. Keeping the conversation real might not translate to revenue right now, but it will definitely build trust and empathy and strengthen the relationship for future business. 

Lusha helps uncover new opportunities by providing you with the most up to date contact information to speak with prospects and build strong connections. 

About Dan Reynolds

Dan is an Account Executive at Lusha.co