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Have you met our new Lusha yet?

As you might notice, we have just released our new website.

We have also refreshed Lusha’s look.
Don’t worry, she’s the same Lusha that everyone knows and loves, but after working hard all year, it was time to give her a well-deserved makeover.


To celebrate her new look, we are giving away cool, new t-shirts, and we invite you to get yours. How?

Send us a short video, and share with us how Lusha is helping you achieve your business goals.

In addition to the t-shirts, we are giving away 5 packages of 1000 additional credits for the most original videos.

Check out the video Graeme Gilovitz sent us, thanks to which he received 1000 additional credits!

** You can send us your video until January 31st. Please note that we may use it for marketing purposes.

If you prefer not to shoot a video, no problem – you can review Lusha here.

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