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The Most Valuable Techniques to Optimize Salesforce Enrichment

How do you automate record-enrichment to optimize your sales team’s performance? Here're the 5 top best practices that will guarantee you maximum Salesforce data integrity.


The Results Are In: The Best Chrome Extensions for Obtaining Contact Information

Recently, Lusha decided to hire a third-party company to run an objective and thorough research study that would yield a critical comparison of eight of the most popular contact-seeki...


Have you met our new Lusha yet?

Have you met our new Lusha yet? We have just released our new website and we invite you to check it out! We have also refreshed Lusha's look. Don't worry, she's the same Lusha that...


7 SDR productivity tools to boost your sales performance in 2018

Although making cold calls, sending out emails and visiting prospects make up an important part of the sales strategy, a sales rep also needs the right set of sales productivity tools...

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